Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Five Ways To Get Free Web Traffic Share

1)Use Keywords in Content:- Write Keywords rich content. You must use enough number of keywords in your content at different places. Most of the website traffic is driven by google search engine. Google Search Engine  uses web crawlers. Generally web crawlers run periodically and visit most of the sites especially that are added to Google Search Engine or updated recently. Web crawlers go through the contents of web pages and rank it for Google Search with respect to Keywords used. This process will decide the position of your web page when someone searches a particular keyword. Therefore, use search keywords relative to your content frequently.

2)Keep an Eye on latest search trends:- You should check latest search trends by internet users. You should write keywords in your content according to current search trends used by people. Know search trends and use them in your content to draw more traffic to your site. Google provides Google analytics with which you can easily get the current trends and your website traffic details. Use this tool to improve your website or blog popularity.

3)Use Title Tag and Meta Tags:- Using Keywords according to your niche in Title of your blog or website one of the important rules to get ranked well by search engines. Your web content need to be unique and must contains related keywords. Especially the keywords which people generally use for searching. Meta-keyword tag must contain the relative keywords according to main content of your blog or website. meta-keyword is use by web spider to assign page ranking based on keywords used.

4)Take Advantage of Social Networking Media Websites :-One of the most important aspect to get web traffic , is to popularize your content on social media like facebook, twitter, digg and del.cio.us etc. Share your web site or blog pages with your friends. You can use your blog or website URL in email signature.
5)Focus on search engine optimization-seo: Today most of the web traffic comes from search engines. Therefore, blogs or websites should be well formatted to match the guidelines provided by these search engines especially by Google. As we know Google search engine is the most popular search engine of the world. We can define Search engine optimization (or seo) as collection of methods for making our page well formatted according to the guidelines provided by popular search engines. So that, they can index and rank the website easily. Other features include link building, formatting each post or web page carefully and optimizing website or blog template code etc.
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