Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Meta Tag Generator

Many Online Meta Tag Generators are available on internet. One of these which is an easy to use meta tag generator can be found on

It is to be noted that: Not all search engines use meta tags anymore. However, some still do, so it's still a good idea to use them. There are many Meta tags used, but all are not necessary from Search Engine Optimization view point. However, it is recommended that you should use the following meta tags:

1. Title of the Web Page
Don't forget that your page title is very important. You should keep your page title under five words. Always, include your top keyword phrase or keywords into page title. This is done by Title Tag.

2. Author
This attribute of metatag is used to include author name.

3. Description
This attribute is used to specify a brief description of your web site and its contents.

4. Keywords
This attribute is used specify important keywords about your website.


You have to place all these meta tags and title in head tag of your webpage.

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